What is the Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream?


About 50 to 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks on their hips, breasts, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and faces. Stretch marks are caused by several factors, including cortisone levels, genetic tendencies, and stress levels.

Cortisone is a hormone released by the adrenal glands that weaken the elasticity of fibers of your skin. The best way to reduce the chance of getting a stretch mark is to maintain a healthy diet and use a high-quality stretch mark removal cream.

A stretch mark removal cream has an enriching formula that is designed to not only help minimize stretch marks but also prevent new ones from building. A removal cream generally penetrates your skin to ensure that it absorbs all essential nutrients to get rid of stretch marks effectively.

Like any other beauty product, stretch mark removal cream is widespread and comes in many options. The best removal creams are made of rich olive oils and cocoa butter formula, which work conjointly to eliminate stretch marks.

These removal creams can also prevent other skin problems like dryness, dullness, and discoloration. Any stretch mark removal cream with aloe vera, coconut oil, lemon juice, almond oils, and Vitamin E properties eradicates stretch marks as well.

Why are Stretch Marks Getting Red?

Stretch Marks Getting Red
Stretch marks usually appear as colored streaks on the skin. They frequently develop on the inner thighs but are also visible on the belly, especially for post-pregnant women.

Stretch marks can be white or pink, and sometimes, in red shades. Red stretch marks are the primary indicators that your skin is distressed.

Red stretch marks are usually less than a year old and have a wrinkled and crinkled stripe-like appearance. They are also easier to cure because your body is still in the process of recuperating the glands.

Reddish stretch marks also indicate that the blood vessels are beneath your skin. Constant application of a stretch mark removal cream from Manuela Lubin Delicate Beauty will narrow down the blood vessel, resulting in the change of stretch mark colors.

The red marks turn to purple or brown dull colors over time after application. With the use of the cream, these marks will finally turn to off-white or silver stripes, and can hardly be noticed.

How to Apply Stretch Mark Removal Cream?

Apply Stretch Mark Removal Cream
Apply the product every day for weeks by massaging it onto your stretch marks. Taking time to apply the product gently into your skin will bring effective results. Look for products that are designed especially for your stretch marks, increasing the chances of success.

If you’re pregnant, opting for stretch mark removal cream from Manuela Lubin Delicate Beauty is your best bet thanks to the organic and natural ingredients used in their products. Using stretch mark cream can also improve the elasticity of your skin as your baby bump grows bigger.

You need patience during the process as products usually take effect weeks after application. Make sure to use the product on new stretch marks to reduce inflammation.

Moisturizing after the application of removal cream will also regenerate new and healthy cells. Using oils and lotions after the removal cream will also keep your skin look clean and radiant.

Do not hesitate to go after naturally-made products. People behind this innovation are those who also care for the overall health and well-being of others.