Are You a Victim of Mainstream Fashion?


When you are exposed to all kinds of influencers and posts on social media, it becomes hard to form your own opinions. There is a need to be considered cool, so when other people talk about going to a certain place, you want to go there too. They tried a new restaurant; you go too. They wear the same clothes; now you know where to spend your next paycheck.

When every post you see is subtly telling you to spend money, it can be hard to resist. Even in makeup, this is also the case. One has to wonder, are your preferences still your own, or is it just what mainstream media told you to want?

Wanting to See Improvement

When posts are tagged as ads, as Instagram and other social media platforms require these days, you can easily tell yourself they are not the authentic choice of the person you look up to or admire. They are there to make you buy something; this knowledge helps you be more aware of what you do in response.
Wanting to See Improvement
When ads are more subtle, however, such as when a person is wearing a particular look or has talked about the face mask online they recently tried, you can be reeled in more easily. You see the results on them, and you want it for yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your looks, and if the products are safe and harmless, there is no problem in trying them.

But when Is It Too Much?

A company has a great marketing team if they can make you buy their products because of the ads they have placed under your radar. However, when a brand is not within your budget and you are compelled to buy them even though you know you cannot afford them, that is a problem. You could strut around in this season’s couture, but if it’s at the expense of a growing debt or you are unable to afford your basic needs in return, there is a problem with your current lifestyle. This is when mainstream fashion becomes dangerous. You are living a life where you cannot be truly happy, because you are always chasing after the latest product in the market, and you are not spending wisely.

Be a Wise Shopper

Be a Wise Shopper
You can love what’s trendy without being financially irresponsible. All you need is to be mindful of your spending and to live comfortably within your means. It is also important that you buy for your style, not for whatever is fashionable at the moment. Think of the products that will add value to your life and invest in them when your budget allows for it. When it doesn’t, be content with the idea of looking for options for now. Whatever immediate purchase you think is necessary right now may not do you much good, so learn to walk away and come back if and only if you still want it after a couple of days.

To be a victim of mainstream media is to look at life through rose-colored lenses. Take off those lenses to see what you are truly interested in.